Sunday, 1 January 2006

happy new year

Happy New Year!

Rather than last year, when we went to bed early with chamomile tea, we went to dinner with some friends of Kate and Vic's. There were eight of us and it was a lovely evening.

Not sure what I'd like to do next year, apart from continuing with the 'Having Fun and No-one Crying During the Festive Season' theme.

We are going away yet again tomorrow - to the Lake District for a few days with Kate and Vic.

We're staying at the Watermill Inn at Ings until Thursday. There is definitely no internet access, so there will be a bloggage pause until next weekend.

However, I can say with some certainty that there will be real ale, very good food, open fires and maybe even some walking.


I hope the New Year brings everyone all the good things that you could possibly wish for, along with a generous helping of love, laughter, health, wealth and happiness.

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