Wednesday, 11 January 2006

good life

B and I had a minor disagreement last night, over what to do with the bits of wood from the Wardrobe Of Despair.

B wants to use them to make a container for a compost heap.

I want to use them to make a very small poultry house, for three hens, to live in our back yard.

B feels that this is one step closer to The Good Life than he is prepared to go at the moment, despite the possibility of being able to do some Felicity Kendal role playing.

In a brief eBay foray, I then discovered that even small poultry houses go for hundreds of pounds. I am going to start making them and flogging them. I'm pretty good with a saw and a screwdriver and I need a project, since my Nun Silhouette Identification research was so swiftly fulfilled by Cheryl's link to Google Answers.

And by the time I've made a couple of houses and sold them, perhaps B will be more comfortable with the idea of keeping three Marans (which I am going to call Frank, Olive and Joan after matriarchs in our respective families) in the yard.

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