Thursday, 12 January 2006

conversations with my mother #060112

Ma: Hello! Do you want this half pig then?
Me: [brain whirring wildly back to a conversation three months ago] Err, yes, I think so. How much is it going to cost?
Ma: Sixty or seventy pounds I should think.
Me: Yes, okay then. Have you got freezer room until we come down again?
Ma: Yes, plenty. Edwin was going to have it, but he hasn't got enough room in his freezer at the moment, so Pig Lady has got half of one going spare and it's not a very convenient amount.
Me: No, I can see that.
Ma: Do you think you'll be wanting the head and the feet?
Me: [audible gulp] Why? Are they available?
Ma: Yes. Only last time she didn't put them in. I complained. You don't get much meat off a pig's head, but the dogs like it.
Me: [masking relief quite well] Well, in that case, I think you should have the head.
Ma: Right-oh. It IS quite messy. But your grandmother used to always love pig's trotters.
Me: Well, perhaps I'll try them, then.
Ma: What about the liver?
Me: Oddly, B and I were having a discussion yesterday about eating more offal. So yes please.
Ma: Right, I'd better phone her back then, she's waiting for me, because if you didn't want it, she'd have to phone around to see if anyone else did. Because of the half-a-pig thing.
Me: I'd better let you go then! Thanks!
Ma: Bye!
Me: [retires, afraid. To look up recipes for pig's trotters]

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