Tuesday, 17 January 2006

compost wars

My husband has become obsessed with compost.

Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin and I have to check with him before we throw things away, to see whether it should go in to compost bin or the ordinary, actually-chucking-it-out bin.

However, as yet, he has not yet constructed his compost heap, despite having the wood for it.

So we have a large flower-pot in the yard, half-full of rotting banana skins.

It smells.

And there is green mould growing on the top.

If he hasn't got round to building his bin by the time the decaying vegetable matter reaches the top of the flower-pot, I am emptying it away while he's out and using the wood to build a bantam house.

The plans and instructions I sent away for arrived this morning and I am very excited.

I still haven't got round to phoning the environmental health and asking whether or not it's acceptable to keep a small number of hens in one's yard. However, I did read in Composting International* that chicken manure is very good for combining with ones compost, because it is high in nitrogeon. So I think I have suddenly got an extra card in my hand in the 'bantams or no bantams' discussion.

We are having people round for tea. I am going to go and chop vegetables and taunt B with the left-over, compostable bits now.

* A fictional magazine that contains the distillation of all the wisdom we have gathered in our Compost Research

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