Friday, 6 January 2006

ally of borg

Right, then, where were we?

In response to Milt's enquiry, we are back.

We arrived home at lunch time yesterday and I immediately got sucked in to Wireless Networking Hell.

This is similar to Ethernet Networking Hell, only with less cables to trip over. Although as it contains more invisible vibes that melt your brain, I am not sure which is worse.

Just before christmas we realised that we had to buy a new hub, because one of the ports on the existing one had stopped working. It was already quite inconvenient because we had five computers to connect up, in four different potential locations and there were cables strung around the house like the inside of a Borg ship.

So we took the plunge, I flexed my eBay bidding finger and we triumphed in a very cheap auction for a Linksys wireless hub and notebook connection card.

It arrived very quickly, on christmas eve, with the power connection missing.

I phoned the company to let them know and they posted a universal adaptor out to us, which arrived while we were in Somerset.

I couldn't face setting the network up then, so I left it until yesterday when we arrived home from the Lakes. By which time, yet another universal adaptor had arrived. Which incidentally they don't want back and which I may therefore be putting on eBay myself in the near future.

Twenty four hours and several tantrums later, it is all working. Since I am even boring myself now, I won't give you a blow-by-blow account of how I wrestled with the dragons of Static IP addressing and XP Internet Connection Sharing, wrestling them bravely to the ground and stabbing forks repeatedly in to their eyes.

Instead, in other news:

  • Betty has been to be spayed today. We're not supposed to give her anything to eat until tomorrow and she is wandering around walking in to doors whenever we go out of the room, mewing piteously. If we ever have any children I am going to be the mother in floods of tears at the school gates - I felt like I was leaving her at the guillotine this morning at the vets.
  • The BT engineer has come and installed another line, Lodgers, For The Use Of. It is much cheaper than you might think and also means that we can choose not to answer the business line after hours.
  • Talking of lodgers, Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin is moving in to the bigger room we have just vacated, and we have someone coming to look at the small room tomorrow. She is twenty and French. My script continues to write itself.
  • I have managed to install the software on my laptop so it will talk to my camera-phone, so I have some photos of various things to upload - the view from the new room in the attic, Ma's dogs, walking in the lakes. (Which was excellent, thank you very much for asking).
  • Also a big smoochie thank you to Rhys, who has included me in his nominations for this year's Bloggies. He is fab and if you haven't already, pop over and visit him.

And that, for today, is all.

I go to eat pasta, drink sherry and watch Poldark.

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