Wednesday, 25 January 2006

accentuating the postive #1

The first in an occasional series about channelling pre menstrual tension in positive ways.

1. Using your PMS to encourage debtors to pay you


Me: So, this £2,500 that's been outstanding since mid-November. It's bugging us now.
Nice Client: Our accounts department say that it will be paid in the pay run of 3rd February.
Me: Well, they said that about the pay run of 12th December and the pay run of 18th January.
Nice Client: Yeah, I know.
Me: We are seriously considering solicitor's letters now, you know.
Nice Client: I don't want this to affect our relationship, we've built it up over a long period.
Me: As far as I'm concerned, if we are working for you and you aren't actually paying us, we don't HAVE a relationship.
Nice Client: If you do go legal on us, you'll get paid quicker.
Me: We'll think about it. I'll need to talk to the others.
He phoned back later to say they are raising a cheque and he's going to fax a copy of it through as soon as it's done.

Lesson taken away: Shouting can be good.

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