Thursday, 8 December 2005

want some seafood mama ...

Today, let's talk about fish.

Let me say first I am not a great fish fan. They have wierd bulgy eyes and gulpy mouths and are cold and flappy. They are not cute, easy to identify with, cuddly or sexy. They don't purr, play 'fetch' or come when they are called. I don't even much like eating them.

However ... I got my Greenpeace annual report this morning, and apparently, there is a Fish Crisis.

Brief summary of the issue:

90% of fish eaten in the UK is now sold through supermarkets. In some cases, three quarters of the marine life caught in fishing nets is killed and thrown away as too small or not the right kind of fish. Some supermarkets are more ethical in their sourcing policies than others. Apparently ASDA is at the bottom of Greenpeace's league table and is currently not even making a token effort to change it's buying strategy. It has no sustainable seafood policy.

What can we do?

  • Try to eat fish from sustainable resources - the harsh alternative is that if we don't, our children may not have the option. The BBC has a good ethical guide to eating fish.
  • Try to get your fish from a local fishmonger, so you can ask where it's come from. This also has the added advantage of helping a local business rather than a multi-national.
  • Ask your supermarket what their policy is on sustainable seafood and shop accordingly. The full Greenpeace report is available here - but be warned, it is a quite big .pdf file and I haven't managed to download it succesfully.
  • To send ASDA an email asking for them to change their policy, go here.

Less photogenic than the Giant Panda. But possibly more important.

Including this in my Ethical Living Links.

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