Monday, 19 December 2005



Tasks achieved from over-ambitious list of seven:
1 - Camping stuff moved from under the stairs.
2 - Logs stacked under the stairs.
Net result: Hallway full of camping gear. Floor covered in bits of logs and leaves.

Mysterious smells in dining room identified:
1 - Suprise kitten poo discovered under B's Grandma's Gramophone
Net result: Need more carpet cleaner.

Healthy things eaten:
1 - Banana.
2 - Tin tuna.
3 - Lots of water
Net result: Feeling of smug satisfaction.

Unhealthy things eaten:
10 - mince pies. See previous post re: comfort parcel arriving from Ma.
2 - glasses of lovely red wine.
Net result: Indigestion and a creeping feeling of guilt. Or possibly guilt and a creeping feeling of indigestion.

Husbands placated by promising six week trip to Australia in summer:
1 - The flights seem very reasonable.
Net result: Snogging.

Time for bed ... .

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