Friday, 16 December 2005

return of the monster

The Turkey has arrived.

It is enormous, as predicted.

However, thankfully, it is in two bits.

A front bit.

And a back bit.

The legs are on the back bit. We have put them in the freezer to have ourselves on Christmas Day. Kate is going to use them to make a kind of Cockatrice - she's going to bone them and stuff them with chicken. She's a clever lady.

She also taught me how to take the breastbone out of the turkey - the farm hadn't done it, which was fine. Although I am in no way good with raw meat, particularly *identifiable* raw meat, she started me off and I finished it myself. I was surprised at how easy, and unsquicky, it was. I am going to stuff it with some red pepper, sage and shallot stuffing that I've found. We'll cook it later today, or maybe overnight, and we will take it round to Nina and Tom's for Saturday evening and have it cold. It will slice nicely, apparently made easier because the wishbone is out.

Kate has also apparently seen some Stinking Bishop locally ... I have passed the information on to the Stinking Bishop Quest team.

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