Monday, 5 December 2005

oh no it isn't!

I've done at least two fun things this weekend:

1. We went to see Aladdin at the local panto group - we got some free tickets because B gave them a Lighting Masterclass when they got some new lights and we felt that it was a friendly thing to do. OH YES WE DID!

Pantomime as a genre scares the willies out of me. I haven't been to one since I was herded up on stage at the Bristol Old Vic at the age of about eight and forced to participate in singing a 'comedy' song in front of a theatre full of people, a young woman dressed as a high-heel-wearing boy, an elderly man dressed as a woman, an evil sorcerer and a beautiful princess. I think it's a British thing - I've been trying to explain it to Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin, with not a great deal of success.

Despite my long-harboured reservations, it was a pretty good amateur production, with a 'junior chorus' so junior that some of them were less than two feet tall. There was no designated 'child wrangler' in the programme, but I am sure that there was one - we could see the curtains at the edges of the stage moving as they shepherded the little ones on and off - only one burst in to tears, so it went very successfully all told; and some of the older performers had really good voices. Next year I might even go voluntarily.

2. We went to see Harry Potter And The Crucible Of Pilchards. Better than the book, I thought, and nice that the characters have grown up a bit and caught up the real-life actors, so they can now film all of Hermione rather than just from her neck up.

Today, R and I have completed the move in to the redecorated office, put the stuff on the shelves and set up the computers on our lovely new round table. This has meant that we have had a good reason not to sort out B's receipts and do the VAT Return. I realise that this is an ongoing blog theme - every three months I spend a couple of weeks listing all the stuff I am doing instead of jumping to the tax man's whim. However, if I didn't blog about it, I wouldn't be able to use blogging as a reason not to have done it ... it's kind of a circular argument I know, but it's all I have, so bear with me :).

In other news, I have finally found the disc with my phone software on it, buried underneath three boxes of old accounts, Schott's Miscellany, a mug with mold growing in it and three volumes of out of date Yellow Pages; so Triumphal Attic Conversion photos soon.

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