Monday, 12 December 2005

new project and a tummy ache

Short post today. I've got a new project on the go.

It involves nuns.

I am fascinated by nuns; I always have been. I think it's because I find the idea of a life of contemplative service genuinely appealing. The thing that makes it unworkable for me as a real personal choice is a reluctance to believe wholeheartedly in one particular faith, eschewing all others.

A couple of conversations I've been involved with recently have touched on the wide variety of different nuns there are around. And a couple of friends came back from the airport the other week awestruck by the height of the head-dresses of a pair of nuns they had encountered.

Hence the new project:

Nun Silhouette Identification.

I intend to log all the different kinds of nun, in silhouette, with a brief description of their order.

Hints, tips, helpful URLs all very welcome indeed.

I think I have some kind of bug - sore stomach, feel sick, aching muscles, general tiredness. I am going back to bed with yet another chamomile tea.

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