Thursday, 15 December 2005

geeky interlude

I have discovered a wonderful new geeky tool for Firefox-enabled blog addicts.

A little while ago, Milt told me about Feedreader, a news aggregator which I immediately installed and started using to read blogs and news articles that it notified me had been updated.

Then I realised that although it did the job well, it slowed my laptop down a bit - probably because I had millions of feeds loaded and I need a memory upgrade, rather than because of any issues with the sofware. I didn't like the way it didn't let you view more than one article on each site at a time. And I also didn't like the fact that it is a stand-alone program.

So I did a bit of rummaging around on the Firefox Add-Ons page. And I found Sage.

I have seen the light.

It's a Firefox extension that opens in a side-bar on your browser like the 'Bookmarks' pane; it searches out feeds for you on the page you're looking at at the click of a button (which was something I found inconvenient about Feedreader - you had to find them yourself and load them in); it lets you see the last few entries on each site immediately; you can click through and view the whole website or an individual post; it is furry and cuddly and user-friendly and I love it.

It is all over for me and Feedreader. We'll never be together again.

[/end of plug]

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