Friday, 30 December 2005

christmas survivor special

We're back!

Christmas dinner here was lovely - we swapped christmas tradition stories with Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin, who was mildly disturbed by the concept of flammable pudding, but impressed by the concept of stuffing.

Apparently, in Poland the Big Night is Christmas Eve, which comes at the end of a forty day period of Advent abstinence, similar to Lent. You eat clear beetroot soup with mushroom dumplings, followed by carp. The carp are bought live and kept in the bath for a couple of days before the event. You all share special bread, similar to communion wafers, with each other and wish each other good things for the coming year.

Our visit to Ma and Pa's for a few days afterwards went relatively well - I only had one minor stress attack which led to me standing in the kitchen, rocking, during teatime, because the teapot, the cups and the christmas cake were all in separate rooms.

It seemed like a big deal at the time :).

I may have chicken photos for later, if they've come out.

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