Tuesday, 8 November 2005


I had a tail-chasing worry-frenzy last night and B said that it might help to list all the things that I am worrying about, so I could work out a strategy to deal with them. It may have been a mistake:

1. Answering the phoneForward phones on to B's mobile
2. Dealing with the buildersSuck it up - they'll be gone soon
3. Gradual erosion of freedom of speech and move towards repressive legislation in UKJoin Charter 88. Sign petition from Liberty, brought to my attention by my good friend Dream. May not help much but will assuage feelings of guilt when They start coming for people.
4. Nuclear apocalypse, followed by nuclear winterBuy tinned food
5. Forgetting to order butterBuy butter
6. Relationship with parentsLive two hundred miles away from them and see Item 1
7. Global warmingConsider moving to a house on higher ground. Practise ethical consumerism.
8. Chaotic bedroom
Purchase wardrobe. Insert clothes.

All better now!

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