Wednesday, 23 November 2005

stranger than fiction

Liss has tagged me for an interesting meme, although possibly in this case, the factual post is more entertaining than any fiction I could possibly come up with:

Find your twenty-third post. Pluck out your fifth sentence. Then--write a short fictional piece with the sentence as the first one in the piece. And tag five more people in the blogosphere.


Every evening as it was getting dark, my grandmother would become anxious about his safety and would mobilise a rescue party.

My grandfather was a lucky man. Night after night during his stint as a showgirl, he would get lost on his way home, sidetracked by the myriad offers of the occupying army. My grandmother's main concern was his costume. Silk stockings in those days were almost priceless, and she knew that if once he began a game of poker, he wouldn't quit until he had either gambled all of his assets, or drunk the other players under the table.

So the search party would gather, with Tilley Lamps and walking sticks, warmly wrapped against the cold. Married and unmarried, mothers and grandmothers, schoolgirls and factory workers, once the alarm had gone up, friends and family would scour the gin joints of the neighbourhood until they found him. Normally he would be sans much of his more substantial clothing, wearing a green eye-shade and gambling furiously with the money he had earned during his early shift.

Shrieking like banshees, they would drive the other players off, herd him in to his work-a-day overcoat and trilby, and march him home. The neighbours never knew about his secondary job and my grandmother was determined that they would never find out. In the morning, he would rise and breakfast as if the evening had never happened and leave for work precisely on time, to catch the 8.27 train.

And in the evening, it would begin again.


I'm not going to tag anyone for this, as I found it a really, really scary three-glass-of-wine challenge ... tag yourselves and leave me a comments linky so people can visit. If you enjoy doing it, pop over and see if you feel you can contribute to Indeterminacy's project. Thanks for tagging me Liss, scary-but-fun!

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