Wednesday, 9 November 2005

lilac wine

We have builders!

They turned up yesterday and were passive-aggressive about bannisters. I don't know why Attic Man bothers to ask me my opinion about what we want doing IN OUR OWN HOUSE if he's then going to overide me and do what he thinks is best, regardless.

They put the stairs in yesterday and today are putting in the skirting boards and generally doing the finishing touches. This morning they turned up on time and were manically cheerful; I find this marginally more worrying than passive-aggressive, but since they are now confining themselves to being manically cheerful at each other in the attic I am going to rack my wine and try not to think about what it might mean.

B is trapped on a job at Alton Towers with no mobile phone coverage. He rang in briefly last night and I was able to tell him that the Adoption Agency have been back in touch.

It is good news.

They have not dismissed us out of hand because of the anti-depressants. The social worker and her boss are going to come out and have a meeting with us at the end of January and see how I am. And they are going to schedule us for Preparation Groups in February. And after that, they will make a decision, based on the facts.

I am very happy with this - I don't think that we can ask anything more than an assessment based on reality. If they think I am not fit enough to be a adopter at the moment, then that is fine. The thing that's been upsetting me so much is the dismissal out of hand simply because of the stigma of anti-depressants.

This is entirely down to Tessa's pep talk about phoning them when we chatted the other weekend and I am almost inexpressably grateful to her.

Wine racking beckons.

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