Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Did I mention that I'd had a buying frenzy last week?

We have implemented a 'just in time' procurement policy for our new household acoutrements: carpet, mattress, pillows and chests of drawers for the bedroom; carpet tiles, a round table and those handy on-wheels-under-the-table thingies for stuff that you are going to keep without looking at for six months and then chuck away unopened, for the new office.

The idea was for the bedroom carpet to arrive first and the rest of the stuff to arrive in a vaguely orderly fashion afterwards. We could then put the carpet down, move the new bed out of the office in to the new bedroom, add the mattress, temporarily shift some of the stuff out of the office while Liam The Decorator did his stuff in there ... you get the idea.

However, it has all fallen apart, because I got muddled up about carpet delivery times. In our relatively small hallway (ie, small compared to the rest of the space-time continuum) we therefore have pretty much all the furniture, carpets and bedding in the world.

To get in to the kitchen you need crampons in order to climb over the (king size) mattress, the five foot diameter round table and a huge roll of seagrass matting. With a nifty bit of ropework in the doorway, you can negotiate the pile of tins of paint that Liam has left at the end of the hall and reach over to put the kettle on.

To make it even more exciting, he's lost the lid of the undercoat and I've temporarily sealed it with clingfilm.

Managing the crampons and the ice axe AND the white spirit is almost impossible.

In other news, my entire series of Alexander Kent novels have arrived. An extra rum ration for the men, lieutentant!

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