Friday, 4 November 2005

just put a plasterer on it

Apparently Barry The Plasterer is very annoyed with Attic Man, because he thinks Attic Man has stitched him up with the complexity of the plastering required in the attic. I asked him whether he wanted a cup of tea on Friday afternoon last week and he nearly bit my head off. Then it turns out that not only had he just hit his head a great big crack on one of the beams, but he had also had his bank card cloned and couldn't get at any of his money.

So I suppose that slight grumpyness was understandable.

In the meantime, he's actually finished the plastering. Yay!

And [imagine drum roll, fanfare and feather-clad dancing girls ...] The Stairs have arrived!

Okay, they haven't been attached yet, and are propped up in a dangerously random fashion between the hole in the ceiling and the banister. But they are there. Despite their precariousness we've been up and down them a couple of times, and barring the possibility of falling arse over tip over the banister at the bottom until we raise it, they seem pretty functional.

You go up.

You come down.

One can't ask for anything more from a set of stairs, so they are perfection.

With a concerted effort and the backing of The Ideal Stair Maker, we finally persuaded Attic Man that 'space savers' similar to these where what were required.

Attic Man and Sidekick Gavin are coming back on Monday to fix them and finish off; I think they're getting escape-happy. They even got rid of the twelve foot lengths of skirting board that they've had stored on the existing stairs when I told them we were having a few people around tonight.

I still didn't invite them though.

I am going to hoover frantically and clean up cat poo now.

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