Wednesday, 16 November 2005

jiggety jig

This is where we've been, and we have had a lovely time: comfortable rooms, nice food and beer, friendly people.

Plus good weather and a parakeet.

We did a local walk on Sunday and it was perfect weather - cold and crisp and sunny. The hotel has half a dozen very detailed leaflets with circular walks from their doorstep, which took all the pain out of planning them and meant that it was not necessary to measure out the distances with a piece of string. This is an enthusiastic but poorly executed habit of B's that gives me conniptions as one never knows how accurate the measurement will actually be.

It was very good indeed to get out in the fresh air and meant that we felt completely justified stuffing ourselves with all the mouth-watering things on the menu in the evening.

On Monday the clouds were a bit more threatening, so we went to Plan B and did a bit of touring around in the car. We went to Kirkby Stephen, which is a beautiful little town. Someone there keeps exotic birds and lets them fly free out of their aviary - hence we met a very friendly grey and pink parakeet sat on a packhorse bridge and there were a couple of macaws tumbling around shrieking in the wind all the time we were walking around.

And very importantly, there is a tea shop, which serves toasted cinnamon-and-brown-sugar scones.

We tootled home yesterday and have eased gently back in the week.

It was a brilliant break and we both really enjoyed it. I've filled in their 'keep us informed of special offers' form and we plan to go back - on top of all the other good things about it, it has zero mobile phone signal; I don't think either of us realised quite how much we needed a few days to ourselves without any interruptions.

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