Tuesday, 22 November 2005

falling in love again

Have I mentioned that I am falling in love again?

He is wonderful. Strong, decisive, capable, responsible and thoughtful. Also sometimes wracked with guilt and indecision and with a hidden vulnerability that makes him almost irresistable.

But I have a confession. He is not my husband.

[Sigh of unrequited love. Or maybe lust.]

I am on my second reading in a couple of months of the Horatio Hornblower books, by C S Forester. There are eleven of them, covering his career from the age of seventeen as a Midshipman in the 1790s, all the way to Admiral in the mid-1800s. And I am also thoroughly enjoying the TV Series with Ioan couldn't-you-just-bite-his-top-lip Gruffudd and Robert Lindsay (in a big hat), courtesy of LoveFilm.

Sometimes there are definite advantages to having a partner who works away a lot - in this case I can spend every evening with His Majesty King George's Navy without any guilt.

On my ebay watch-list are the Bolitho series by Alexander Kent and twenty Patrick O'Brian novels. We had a delivery of logs this afternoon, I have a box of wine left over from B's birthday party and a loads of food in the house. The snow being predicted in some quarters is not going to bother me at all.

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