Monday, 7 November 2005

divorce probably pending

Some Quite Bad Things:

  • The builders didn't turn up this morning; therefore the stairs are still floating in mid air. I am so far past caring about the enormous hole in the ceiling, the dust and the general chaos that I have failed to contact them to ask why his has happened.
  • I have just realised that my spreadsheet has been adding in the VAT we owe, rather than subtracting it from my projections. I thought the figures looked pretty good, but I just assumed it was a result of all the hard work the guys have done this autumn. A big VAT bill means you've done lots of work, but still - oopsy.
  • On waking up this morning I temporarily forgot that today is B's birthday, until R bounced in wafting greetings. I am a Bad Wife and if living in the Middle Ages would probably be beaten regularly, a la 'a dog, a woman and a walnut tree'.
  • We have run out of goat's butter and I forgot to order any with the vegetable box when I put the order in this morning. See above, under 'Bad Wife'.
  • I think the bread-maker is broken. If not broken, it is the only bread maker in the history of the world that comes from Middle Earth - everything I've made over the last week has come out looking like dwarf bread. See also above, under 'Bad Wife' (Unless married to a dwarf. Which I'm not).

Things that make up for the Quite Bad Things. Maybe. I hope:

  • I have productively (ha!) spent the day loading all my favorite songs on to ITunes.
  • Because of this, and a chance conversation based around Desert Island Discs we happened to have last night, I have been able to burn B a CD with his favorite tracks as a token present until my Amazon order arrives. Phew, saved by the bell. If I've remembered them properly.
  • We have booked three nights away next weekend and are NOT GOING TO TAKE THE MOBILES. (Double ha!).
With luck, they will cancel each other out. Otherwise I may be putting an application in to Milt's wonderful-sounding friend Raul.

And that, as someone else sometimes says, is all.

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