Thursday, 17 November 2005

conversations with my mother #051117

Ma: I can't believe how wet it's been over the last few days. But it did stop for the Farmer's Market on Saturday, so I didn't get too drenched.
Me: That's good. Did you wear the new shoes we bought you to keep your feet warm?
Ma: No dear, they don't fit over the place where the ram stepped on me.
Me: Ah. I thought that was better?
Ma: Not really. But it's not purple any longer ... . [pauses] ... Anyway, I had SUCH an interesting conversation with someone at the market ...
Me: Yes?
Ma: Yes. This girl came along, and was interested in my aloe veras.
Me: Yes?
Ma: We had a long talk about what you can do with them and I was telling her about breaking bits off and rubbing them on burns in the kitchen and how I keep one on the window sill.
Me: Yes?
Ma: And she said she couldn't make her mind up and she might come back later on.
Me: Ah.
Ma: And she did, with her husband, well, boyfriend I suppose.
Me: Oh, good.
Ma: Yes. He bargained me down from £1.25 to £1.
Me: [thinks: tight bastard] Oh?
Ma: And then they asked me if there was anywhere around where they might be able to get a cup of coffee.
Me: Yes?
Ma: But The Hamlet doesn't have anywhere - not even a shop. They've nearly got their shop, but not quite yet because of the whole planning permission thing and I think there's been an issue with ... [fades as I temporarily zone out] ... and so the nearest place is probably Taunton, or maybe The Village ...
Me: [jerks awake] Ah?
Ma: So I told them that and it turns out that they stayed in The Lethbridge Arms in The Village last night.
Me: Really!
Ma: Yes. [expectant pause] And they're part of a theatre company. From Liverpool!
Me: [relief at finally getting to what is clearly the point] Oh, right!
Ma: So I wondered if B knew them.
Me: Hmm?
Ma: Only I can't remember their name.
Me: Ah.
Ma: [triumphant] But I told them he was an electrician! Who worked for theatres!
Me: Ah. Well, lighting designer really ...
Ma: Well, it turns out that the chap was the technician for the company.
Me: [reassuring] Oh, well he probably knew what you meant then.
Ma: Yes, I think so. I'll try and remember their name. I know they were going on to Preston ...
Me: Thank you for ringing ... I think I'll go and gnaw my own leg off now.
Ma: Okay dear, I'll speak to you in the week. I need to go and get the big cockerel in from the lane. He's stopping the traffic.

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