Thursday, 24 November 2005

at last

image (c) freefoto.comAfter a satisfactory forty-eight hour trial period, I have decided to add Liam The Decorator to my harem.

He is a sensitive chap, who gave up meat when he went to do a job one day and had to drive through a field of calves, who all came to lick his landrover and blink their beautiful eyelashes at him. The next week he went back and they had all gone to slaughter.

He likes listening to The Archers and The Afternoon Play on Radio Four and has been having a long chat with Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin about the different customs and habits of different European nations. He seems to be pretty widely travelled, with previous girlfriends from Indonesia and Germany.

I didn't want to get too excited about him to start with, partly because I didn't want to be disloyal to my other husbands, and partly because after the Attic Man Debacle, I didn't want to give my heart too quickly and be hurt again.

However ... we appear to have a painted attic bedroom. He is coming back on Friday to paint the little bathroom. And then next week he is going to come and paper-and-paint the office. After that, at dates to be arranged, he is going to do the big bathroom and the bedroom that we are currently sleeping in, as we can't rent it out to lodgers as it is. The cats have thoroughly enjoyed scratching the blown vinyl wallpaper off in strips and it was so vile that we encouraged them rather than yelling at them to stop.

image (c) freefoto.comThis may prove a problem in the future, I know.

So - yesterday I bought a seagrass carpet for the bedroom and some hairy carpet tiles and a five foot diameter circular table to go in the office once it's done, so that R and I can sit round it and blog in peace, without B looking over our shoulders and making us feel guilty.

Once the bedroom carpet goes down, we can move some of the stuff out of the office (wiping off the black filth still remaining from The Falling Of The Ceiling as we go) and pile the remaining stuff up in the middle of the room - that will give Liam enough space to get his enormously long handled roller in around the edges.

This afternoon, I go to Ikea, to buy some chests of drawers and sheets for the new king-sized bed.

Then I am coming home, to breathlessly await his return.

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