Sunday, 2 October 2005

techie help?

Can anyone point me towards a kind networking-for-noddies website or newsgroup? Or potentially be sufficiently techie to give me a hint?

  • I've got four laptops connected via a hardware router to a machine that handles a 1Mbps broadband internet connection.
  • Broadband internet works fine on the main machine, for all applications.
  • Skype and chat seems to work okay on the laptops, consistently.
  • The problem is that browser and email connections are intermittent on the laptops, more off than on.
  • We are running XP Home.
  • We have ZoneAlarm Pro or ZoneAlarm basic on all the machines, it recognises the network.
  • Windows Firewall is disabled on all machines.

Very frustrating.

Is this a port issue? Is it something to do with the router?

Any suggestions gratefully received :(.

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