Thursday, 20 October 2005

stairway to heaven

Barry The Plasterer came yesterday and is cross with Attic Man because he hasn't done all the preparation work that he was supposed to do.

Attic Man came by this morning to drop us off a breakdown of costs so far. I managed to back him in to a corner, get him in an armlock and question him about The Makers Of The Stairs.

The Makers Of The Stairs have changed three times so far. Each one has a different idea for the ideal solution to our Stair Challenge and with each one, the costs have been escalating.

Apparently Derek The Ideal Stair Maker - the guy who actually came round and discussed what we wanted with us and seemed both pleasant and competent, has gone on holiday. And his son isn't answering the phone.

Attic Man is therefore considering another stair maker who is less Ideal but who is actually present for discussions.

Rightly or wrongly, I feel that if I were in Attic Man's position, this is something that I would have got pinned down before I actually started work, stairs being fairly fundamental to the whole Loft Conversion process.

My dudgeon is fairly high and we are seriously considering a very simple loft ladder solution, to get them all to go away and leave us alone.

I took Betty for her first round of kitten injections this morning. All went well until a very large dog came in to the waiting room, and then all hell broke loose. The dog was very large and very friendly and Betty felt that it was a danger to life and limb and that she needed to tackle it immediately to neutralise the threat. Even it's head was bigger than her, but that didn't stop it trying to burrow underneath it's owner's chair to get away from her swearing.

Someone has given me almost the entire series of Hornblower novels by C S Forester. I read three yesterday and am set for another three today, which probably means that I am not going to wash the kitchen floor, or eat anything other than toasted crumpets and damson jam. Life is hard.

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