Monday, 17 October 2005

slightly grumpy

B has a busy few days coming up - he's more-or-less completely away until next Wednesday, with a possible evening home tomorrow night, depending on how the job works out.

This morning, before he goes out, he is going to put the wiring in the attic so the builders can get on with the rest of their bits and pieces. He is having stress about it - he says his head his cabbaged - and he is sitting here muttering about lighting radials and ring mains whilst more or less drinking tea by capillary action.

R and I are providing moral support, joining in with intelligent-looking nods and hoping that he gets it straight in his head soon and retreats back in to the attic, since we don't understand a word of it.

Attic Man and Side-Kick Gavin haven't turned up this morning. They were supposed to. I hope that this is nothing to do with the fact that Attic Man asked for another payment on Friday and we complied - with not quite as much as he wanted, but still with a substantial amount.

They are supposed to be completing the plasterboarding today, putting the tails for the radiators in tomorrow, and so be ready for the plaster on Wednesday. The fact that they haven't yet turned up has given B a few hours grace to get his wiring sorted, so as long as they materialise a bit later on, that will be fine.

If they don't ... well, there's nothing we can do. They've done about three quarters of the work, we've paid them about three quarters of the money ... fair's fair.

I am planning a relatively slothful week. Arguing with builders is not on my schedule.

I need more tea.

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