Wednesday, 5 October 2005

networking, furniture and kittens

The temporary radio silence has been for a number of reasons:

  • time spent trying to fix the network - thank you very much to all the people who gave me advice, I really appreciate it. Craig suggested this great site for home networking and internet connection sharing, which has pretty much sorted me out.
  • however, during the process, I managed to blow up my modem and have had to wait until they got a new one out to me, which comes in to the 'impressive but incompetent' class of systems architecture I think :).
  • we have been getting together our too-old-to-even-give-away furniture and hauling it out to the front garden so that the men from the council can take it away tomorrow. I am convinced that foam-backed carpets were created by the devil to taunt us.
  • we have a new kitten. In a moment of weakness we succumbed to a 'free to good home' notice in the Post Office. She is eight weeks old tomorrow and allegedly house-trained. However, when she gets excited, she forgets to use the litter tray. And as she seems to be excited pretty much all the time she's awake, I think we may need new carpets in the not too distant future. Mrs Three Legs is very sanguine about the whole thing, but Simpkin is spending all his days sitting on the back wall, peering anxiously inside. Bless. Pictures some time soon.

Off to wash the carpet-foam off and sit down with a whisky.

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