Saturday, 8 October 2005

home is where the builders are

Attic Man has arrived, with his side-kick, Gavin.

I quite like Attic Man, despite the fact that he is so passive-aggressive that you have to examine everything you say to him in your head before you say it aloud, in case it makes him gibber defensively.

They started the loft conversion on Thursday, the first step of which involved carving an enormous hole into the roof-space for the staircase, through the hundred-year-old lathe and plaster. Early on the process, there was an ominous rumbling noise and the area he was carving collapsed on him, filling the entire house with black plaster-dust, rubble and a thin film of filth.

Apparently this is relatively normal and he was expecting it.

He'd dust-sheeted the house up fairly well, but the black filth got literally everywhere. We are still cleaning it up three days later, even after Gavin The Sidekick had dusted, hoovered and washed all the walls and paintwork.

Attic Man has also discovered that the reason the ceiling in the office was sagging so much was that it wasn't actually attached to anything. Between them they have propped it up from underneath with two lengths of two-by-four and they will attach it to the joists that they are putting in for the floor to go on. We are very happy that they have discovered this.

They think it will all take about a month and have asked for half the money up front.

We are ninety nine point nine percent trusting of him, hence we wrote him the cheque - but I will still be relieved to see them on Monday morning, even if they do both smell disturbingly of beer and are still wearing Friday night's clothes.

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