Monday, 24 October 2005

heaven is a warm laminator

At the WI this evening we were talking about how fab laminating is. Yes, that's the kind of wild gals we are.

Dani: I LOVE laminating. It's great.
Me: Yes, it's fantastic. So satisfying.
Tessa: I don't have kids, or my own business. What possible use could I have for a laminator?
Me: [vaguely] Oh, all sorts of things.
Nina: I keep seeing one for sale in Staples and thinking I should buy it ...
Tessa: Yes. But WHAT FOR?
Dani: The kids' footprints.
Me: Your love letters. You could laminate all your love letters from Nathan.
Tessa: [stony silence, grim glare] Well, that would take no time AT ALL.
Nina: [hastily] And of course it would mean that you couldn't smell them, or anything like that ...
Me: [even more hastily] Certificates. You could laminate all your certificates.
Nina: Yes, you could have a certificate wall. We're going to have one. Tom wants to laminate his Cycling Proficency certificate.
Tessa: Are you MAD?
Nina: And I could laminate my modelling certificate.
Everyone: [stunned silence]
Everyone: [in unison] You have a MODELLING CERTIFICATE?!
Nina: Yes. I was a child model.
Everyone: [in unison] You're kidding!
Nina: No! I went on a course when I was five to learn how to sit properly and stand properly and everything. And I did a shoot for Owen Owen and for John Lewis and some other people.
Everyone: [sighing with wistful admiration] Wow!
Tessa: Yes, but WHAT would I use a laminator FOR?
Me: Can I blog this?
Nina: You always ask that and you NEVER do.
Me: Ha!

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