Wednesday, 19 October 2005


One of the reasons that I started blogging was that I was interested in the connections people make in cyberspace. How long would it take for people to discover my blog existed? Would they find it interesting enough to come back and revisit? Would I like reading their blogs? That kind of thing.

So, a combination of Mitey Mite's meme and Milt's comment when I tagged him on Monday - that he wanted to do it, but there were only a couple of questions that meant anything to him - started me thinking about meme propagation; how quickly and how far do they spread? Why do they spread? Why do they not spread? Some of the memes out there aren't very engaging, some are only applicable to a particular section of the blogging population, some are too long, some are too short, some are just not very interesting.

So - here are my thoughts. A good meme should be engaging to as wide a group as possible. It shouldn't be too long, it should allow you to learn something about the participant. It should add to your blog, rather than be a 'place holder' for those days when you can't scrape up any material without help.

I have an experiment. Here's a meme. Nominate yourself to do it. Then leave me a comment to say you've done it. Part of the meme will be for forward participants to email me, so I can keep track of where the meme has got to - I'll add a list of all the links to this
post and if there get to be loads I'll set up a new blogroll for them.

It might be a terrible meme and not go anywhere ... but I think it's an interesting experiment :).

I've answered all the questions, but not at length, because I thought it would make the post too long.

[meme begins]

1. What is the most important thing you've ever learnt?
To listen to and trust my own instincts.

2. What is the most important thing you've ever taught someone?
I don't know - that would be their judgement call, not mine.

3. What is the greatest mistake you've ever made? Would you do things differently if you had the chance to repeat that experience again?
Probably moving in with Crazy Tom and therefore going through all that violence and trauma. But on the other hand, if I hadn't, I would never have met B, so I think I would do exactly the same thing again. It's made me the person I am, and I wouldn't change that.

4. Who is the person that you respect the most in your life? Why?
My paternal grandmother. She was a great friend to my during my growing up years and taught me a lot about grace under pressure, making the best of things, love and patience. I miss her.

5. Which of your dreams have you fulfilled?
A couple; sitting on the deck of a sailing boat in the early morning sun, brushing my hair in the breeze. Not a big dream, but an important one. And wild camping in the Canadian Wilderness.

Instructions (copy all of these in to your post):
Answer at least three out of the five questions, but leave all five in so that other people can copy them. Leave a comment on the post of the person who you got the meme from so they can see who's tagged themselves and link to them at the beginning of your meme. Email Ally to let her know you've done the meme, so she can add you to the list.

[meme ends]

There you go :).

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