Sunday, 23 October 2005

cruising down the river

I have spent what seems to be quite a large part of the weekend cleaning up builder-mess. During The Falling Of The Ceiling, Attic Man neglected to cover up the coat rack, the shoe rack or the hall table with his dust sheets and they have been coated with a fine film of black filth ever since.

Ha! No longer! I am triumphant, if exhausted.

Clearly now they all will come back tomorrow and do something vital that means the whole house will be disgusting again. However, I think we might have a couple of days grace, because in our last discussion on Friday, Barry The Plasterer is apparently not coming back until Wednesday. Unless it's raining, when he will be here tomorrow. I didn't ask why, I felt that engaging might be bad for my blood pressure.

In between time, I have been trying to discourage Betty from attaching herself to my face with all four paws at the end of a running jump, a la something out of Alien. Endearing the first time. Sight-threatening from then on. Although actually, sight-threatening the first time, too. Have you ever had a cat's paw up your nose?

I have also walked in the sun with Tessa, read more Hornblower, bought things I can't really afford on Ebay and arranged a WI, with pizza, for tomorrow night.

And now I am about to have a very virtuous cauliflower crumble and a slightly less virtuous glass of wine.

That is all*.

*A phrase that I have just realised that I've inadvertently picked up from Ms.Mac ... sorry, it was inadvertent copying, rather than deliberate :).

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