Wednesday, 12 October 2005

conversations with my mother #5872

Ma: We've been digging out the pond today.
Me: Yes?
Ma: Because of the beetles.
Me: Ah.
Ma: We've bought a pump and got most of the water out, but it won't pump the mud, so Edwin and I have been digging it out. It really needed doing, there was lots of weed as well.
Me: Well, that's good.
Ma: Yes. Edwin didn't go home until a quarter to ten and I'm a bit worried that he's put his hip replacement out. And of course, there's his hernia ...
Me: Yes, he probably needs to be careful.
Ma: Anyway, we found two big beetles and some larvae.
Me: Right.
Ma: It's the larvae that are killing the fish. They inject them with something that makes their insides go all squishy and then they bore in to them from underneath.
Me: Not nice.
Ma: No. They're about two inches long.
Me: [yelp] ...

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