Monday, 31 October 2005

conversations with my father, #051029

The parental visit went very well, with one or two little glitches:

Me: So, we've invited B's parents over for lunch on Sunday ...
Pa: What?
Me: For lunch, on Sunday.
Pa: Why?
Me: Well, I thought it might be nice to all get together while you're up here.
Pa: Nice? Why would that be nice?
Me: Well, I think they'd like to meet you both again.
Pa: We've come up to see the two of you. Why would we want to meet them?
Me: Erm ...
Pa: [becoming agitated] Why should I want to meet them? I've already met them! At your wedding!
Me: [pricked out of inpeturbability] That was nearly three years ago!
Pa: [kind of dismissive grunting hrumphing noise] Three years! More like six months you mean!
Me: [retires, defeated]

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