Thursday, 27 October 2005

beyond bridgwater

Ma and Pa are staying in Llangollen this week. And they are coming up to visit us at the weekend.

It's been a great trial to Ma to persuade Pa that this is a good idea; he baulks at travelling even beyond Bridgwater, seven miles from their farm.

It used to severely limit the scope of our family holidays.

However, through a skillfully applied mixture of persuasion and coercion she has triumphed, and they have booked a week in a very small cottage on a very remote farm.

We went to visit them on Tuesday and there are peacocks and llamas.

There was also rain, of the torrential variety.

I have booked them in to a B&B about twenty minutes drive away from us for Saturday and Sunday nights; they can't stay with us because Pa can't manage the stairs. It will be the first time that Pa has visited us since we moved in together three and a half years ago and it will only be the second time Ma has been. She came up on the train to stay for one night, the week after we got married, when we threw a wedding party.

Neither of them have seen the house.

Ma is already saying that she thinks that they might have to go home on Sunday, rather than staying the extra day. She spent about half an hour of our three hour visit on Tuesday on the phone to Natalie being updated with what was going on. Apparently there are flowers to go to retailers in town on Monday morning and Natalie has to go to an early meeting and can't take them. And Ma doesn't want to ask the-boy-who-does-the-heavy-work, Edwin, because she thinks it might be too much for him.

I can't remember the source, but there is a phrase "Wherever you go, we go together". Wherever Ma goes, the farm also goes, with all it's attendent complications.

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