Tuesday, 13 September 2005

the days stand like angels, in blue and gold

You may have noticed that I have become very quiet about the Polish Lodger Situation recently. This is because there have been Issues.

One of the issues has been that I think that due to Lodger Nosiness, there has been some reading of my blog going on, which I have found a bit inhibiting. However, I guess it partly serves me right for not clearing the cache.

Anyway, my perception of a good reciprocal Landlord/Lodger relationship is one of mutual respect for each other's space.

Lodgers should not:

  • expect to use the landlord's office and computer as a recreational facility during working hours and then be slightly stroppy when asked to move so that landlords can do business things
  • when the landlord wants to use their own computer as a recreational facility after business hours, lodgers should not sit in the room looking over their shoulder at the screen and exuding 'clear out of my space' vibes
  • shower so splashily that water flows through the kitchen ceiling on a regular basis, despite being asked a couple of times to use the other shower
  • load their own software on to the landlords' computers
  • use all the loo-roll in the house while landlords are away on holiday and not replace it (twice)
  • expect landlords to empty bathroom bin full of unwrapped used sanitary towels
  • use the landlords quite expensive organic sugar at a rate of knots and not replace it
  • put on music in a shared space without checking with the other people in the house that it's okay with them

I tried to make this post a 'funny', but I can't, I'm a bit too disgruntled with it all. A lot of these things are quite small - but there are a lot of them. And I don't like the feeling that I am being squeezed out of my own space. I think that they got used to having the whole house to themselves while we were away, and it has been difficult for them (particularly PLG) to re-adjust back to the house not being their own personal love-nest.

Some of this is my oversensitivity, I know. Some of it is two couples in the same house. Some of it is because one of the women is nineteen - I didn't like living with teenagers when I was one and it sure as hell hasn't got any better as I've got older - particularly as there does seem to be an element of Kevin-And-Perry-ism going on.

Consequently, we have decided that in the future we will definitely NOT be renting to couples and will probably have reservations about about renting to people younger than mid-twenties who haven't lived anywhere but with their parents.

We also need to be a bit more definite about boundaries as they has certainly been some 'give an inch, take a mile' going on - in the case of the sugar, "can I borrow some of your sugar" does not equate to "can I use more of your sugar than you are yourself".

Grumble grumble grumble.

Hey ho. Only another week to go.

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