Thursday, 29 September 2005

small excitements

So, I've both done the VAT return and beaten the Aztecs. Triumph reigns all round.

A minor glitch this morning though - I'm supposed to be out on a gig with B and had a panic attack instead. Hey ho. So here I am, sat on the sofa, with my lovely laptop, in front of the fire. And he is climbing up ladders and lifting heavy boxes without me.

What makes it slightly more complicated is that its for a client we have decided that we don't want to work with again. And B felt morally obliged to tell them so yesterday, when we'd made the decision. A long story, too long, miserable and possibly libellous to recount. But strange how some people's personalities make them so difficult to work for.

You can do a job for one person and it's great fun - and no-one would work in the AV industry if they weren't having fun. But a similar job for a different person can be completely stressy and miserable, simply because of their attitude. We decided that however much we were earning from this client, it wasn't enough to make up for the stress and anxiety even minor interactions with them engendered.

In other news: The new lodger seems to be working out well. And the washing machine, which blew up on the previous lodgers about twenty minutes before they left, while they were responsibly washing their sheets, is still under guarantee. Yay! The man is coming to fix it this afternoon and I will be able to stop wearing my pants both ways round. Small excitements, but you really don't realise how much you miss clean socks until you haven't got them.

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