Thursday, 1 September 2005


The hotel we stayed in for a few nights at Noyers-Sur-Serein was truly beautiful. It was in the centre of the little mediaeval town, in a seventeenth century building. Some of the rooms were in the towers of the old town walls and when you went out of the back gate, you could walk along by the lazy old river meander that surrounded the town.

We ate in the garden, or at a long table in the dining room. No choice - a three course meal of whatever was cooking. It was wonderful.

Our room was fabulously eccentric - note the brown-and-cream fabric wallpaper and the brown fabric ceiling. You entered through the en-suite bathroom and then went on in to the room. Despite it's magnificence I have failed to take a picture of the bathroom, as it was painted entirely in black. Black walls, black ceiling. But along with some interesting mood lighting it had oodles of hot water, which after the insanitary horrors of the campsite was very welcome indeed.

The windows looked out on to the town square and we had a siesta each afternoon on the old-fashioned sleigh bed, with the shutters drawn to keep out the heat.

On our final afternoon, down the road someone was playing a scratchy recording of Edith Piaf and in the room next door someone was typing on a clunky old typewriter. It was a real Ernest Hemingway moment - I felt as if we were listening to sounds drifting in from seventy years ago.

We will be going back.

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