Thursday, 15 September 2005

go gentle in to that good night

The Respite Care Home rang at ten to eight to tell us that Aunty Kate passed on in the night.

She had decided that while Kate and Vic were on holiday for three weeks it would be best if she had a holiday too, as she didn't feel she wanted to stay at home by herself.

B spoke to her on Friday and she seemed quite chipper, although mentioned that she had a pain in her stomach. The care home lady said that the GP had been out to her on Monday and that she'd phoned him again yesterday. But clearly there was nothing serious enough to let us know about.

I am quite shocked.

B was in a show when I phoned him to tell him, has had two hours sleep and is also pretty shocked.

We are now in a really wierd 'loco parentis' place until Kate and Vic get back from holiday on Tuesday. How does one look after the best interests of someone who is no longer alive? Do they even still have best interests?

Her son is organising an undertaker and will presumably organise the funeral. Presumably for after Kate and Vic's return, but I guess that's up to him and his wife and therefore anything could happen. I have phoned and left them a message saying how sorry I am and please do contact us if there is anything that they need us to do. I guess I can't do anything else.

R is coming round a bit later and we will try and persuade B to come home and let him take over the show.

I am experiencing oddness :/.

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