Monday, 12 September 2005

bed in a ditch

We have given in to our base impulses and bought a bed.

In this case, the base impulse was largely not to wake up every morning with a vague back-ache each and not to feel as if one is on a trampoline when the other inhabitants of the bed turn over in the night. There can be up to four of us at any one time - me and B, plus the two cats.

It's a five feet wide wooden sleigh-bed affair that was on special offer in Homebase on Friday when we popped in for a pot of bathroom paint and a loo-roll holder.

You know how it is.

However - it doesn't have a mattress ... and we probably need to save up for a good one. Because the current bed is only four foot six wide, we can't use that mattress as a temporary measure. So we have storage issues.

It's going to have to live in the hall for a bit, with the two bicycles.

I am periodically tempted to chuck everything away and copy this chap. But then I remind myself that he is going to be LIVING IN A DITCH, during the ENGLISH WINTER. And suddenly I feel much better about all our clutter. Read his blog, here and donate here, in aid of the Woodland Trust, if you are so inclined.

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