Saturday, 6 August 2005

the loose ends

So, an update on recent events:

1. Plumbers

They have gone, finally. In a way I am sorry to see them go, as they were competent and cheerful and gave me an excuse to drink tea every half hour. However, the downside was that they smoked like chimneys and we had to ask permission to have a wee in our own toilet. So on balance ... not sorry at all. Sazzle jokingly asked for pictures of the finished product and since I am bathroom-obsessive at the moment and can't actually believe that the internet-browsing populace aren't waiting with bated breath for the results of the project, here they are:

Small bathroom, small bath versus big bathroom, ENORMOUS bath. We road-tested the big one last night with a bottle of wine and it was wonderful. However, it does use a huge amount of water, so we are going to look in to a tank to store the used water so that we can use it in the garden.

All that's left to do is put the shower rails up and paint. Shower rails scheduled for this afternoon, painting for the autumn when we have a quiet weekend.

2. Lodgers

All going well, relatively speaking. We don't have any qualms about going away and leaving them in charge of our house and cats for three weeks, although I hope they clean the bath before we come home. I still haven't mananged to get them to change the sheets and put the mattress protector on, despite having asked twice and them saying they'll do it, no worries. So short of going in there while they're away and doing it myself, I'm stuffed. The mattress will just have to take it's chance and if we have to burn it after they've gone, hell, the nights will be drawing in by then and we'll be wanting a fire :).

3. Attic Man

Attic Man is away on his holidays until we come back from ours. BUT Velux Window Man arrived on the doorstep last night as we were eating our tea and laying the bathroom carpet (don't ask) and said he could come today if we wanted. We wanted, and he is up there now, with his Roofer's Mate, putting the windows in. Attic Man couldn't start until that was done, because they need to get the steel joists in through the windows - apparently it's easier than bringing them in through the house. I'm quite stressed about the whole attic conversation thing - the potential mess, the noise, the dust etcetera - however, it I am trying to focus on how nice it will be to have it done.

So there you are. Loose ends tied up, current, slightly tedious building-tales finished and now I'm going to wash my pants :).

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