Thursday, 4 August 2005

captain's log, stardate 05-08-04

I generally feel that writing about your referral logs smacks of empty-headedness. But I AM empty-headed today, as I am focused on getting the Plumbers out, cleaning the house and packing for our hols at the weekend. And this this week I've had some brilliant search engine hits that have made me laugh:

  • recipe for pork scratchings
  • disembowelling
  • away for the weekend cat flap
  • european caterpillers
  • christian bale naked
  • stories about having tall boyfriends, and last, but not least
  • chemical castration stories

And I can't remember blogging about any of them*.

I am off to buy a bathroom carpet now and then I'm coming home to blow on the sealant round the bath in the hope that it'll dry quicker and we can use the bath tonight ...

*Except perhaps 'Christian Bale naked'. Maybe.

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