Wednesday, 31 August 2005

time's a tick-tick-ticking away

We're back.

We had a brilliant time.

The countryside was lovely.

The campsite had blocked toilets, so we left after a few days and went to a quaint-but-crazy hotel, here for a few nights.

The civilization was particularly welcome, because on Day One at the campsite, B woke up with a tick feasting merrily in his belly-button.

Unfortunately our French lessons hadn't included the phrase "The head of the tick is lodged in the belly-button of my husband", but under the circumstances I think we managed pretty well. Five days antibiotics, one tetanus injection and a hotel later and B was feeling much less traumatised.

He doesn't appear to have Lymes Disease either, which is nice.

Some photos a bit later on, maybe.

Saturday, 6 August 2005

brief haitus

(c)*A slight haitus ... we are off on our holidays for a few weeks, from tomorrow. 'A few' because, as usual, it's not straightforward - but this time in a pleasant way. We have a fortnight's 'official' holiday here in the Morvan, Burgundy. No phones, no internet connection, no planning, no getting up at 5.30am to go to business breakfasts.

Just the tent (with new double sleeping bag, yay!), cheap wine, walking boots and some good reading.

(c)FreeFoto.comAnd then we come home, spend a day frantically washing things and leave again for a week in Southern England and Holland with The Black Maze, a touring art installation by the ever-excellent Stan's Cafe. B is actually working and I am going along for the ride.

So probably no bloggage for three weeks, unless I crack and try to find an internet cafe.

I debated asking someone else to guest - but firstly and a) I'm a control freak and it made me feel uncomfortable, rather like someone sleeping in my bed and not changing the sheets before I got back in to it; and secondly and b) the two people I had in mind to ask have rather inconsiderately gone off on holiday themselves.

I will (of course) be busy collecting material while I'm gone :). And in the meantime, if you haven't already, please do consider pottering across and visiting some of the interesting people in my links bar over there on the right.

Happy holidays!

*Photos from (c)

the loose ends

So, an update on recent events:

1. Plumbers

They have gone, finally. In a way I am sorry to see them go, as they were competent and cheerful and gave me an excuse to drink tea every half hour. However, the downside was that they smoked like chimneys and we had to ask permission to have a wee in our own toilet. So on balance ... not sorry at all. Sazzle jokingly asked for pictures of the finished product and since I am bathroom-obsessive at the moment and can't actually believe that the internet-browsing populace aren't waiting with bated breath for the results of the project, here they are:

Small bathroom, small bath versus big bathroom, ENORMOUS bath. We road-tested the big one last night with a bottle of wine and it was wonderful. However, it does use a huge amount of water, so we are going to look in to a tank to store the used water so that we can use it in the garden.

All that's left to do is put the shower rails up and paint. Shower rails scheduled for this afternoon, painting for the autumn when we have a quiet weekend.

2. Lodgers

All going well, relatively speaking. We don't have any qualms about going away and leaving them in charge of our house and cats for three weeks, although I hope they clean the bath before we come home. I still haven't mananged to get them to change the sheets and put the mattress protector on, despite having asked twice and them saying they'll do it, no worries. So short of going in there while they're away and doing it myself, I'm stuffed. The mattress will just have to take it's chance and if we have to burn it after they've gone, hell, the nights will be drawing in by then and we'll be wanting a fire :).

3. Attic Man

Attic Man is away on his holidays until we come back from ours. BUT Velux Window Man arrived on the doorstep last night as we were eating our tea and laying the bathroom carpet (don't ask) and said he could come today if we wanted. We wanted, and he is up there now, with his Roofer's Mate, putting the windows in. Attic Man couldn't start until that was done, because they need to get the steel joists in through the windows - apparently it's easier than bringing them in through the house. I'm quite stressed about the whole attic conversation thing - the potential mess, the noise, the dust etcetera - however, it I am trying to focus on how nice it will be to have it done.

So there you are. Loose ends tied up, current, slightly tedious building-tales finished and now I'm going to wash my pants :).

uh-oh, busted!

Right then. My life as I know it is pretty much not worth living from now on. I think my mother's reading my blog. (Hi Mum!) The reason I think this? The day after I posted her first text message, I received another, even more random one:

"Helo hope u feel better? I'm excited I've just found out I've got Berkertex knickers on I thought they only made posh suits. R U packed yet?"
It's true, isn't it? She's deliberately feeding me material now.

B reckons I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, just blog it and if she mentions it and asks for royalties, cross that bridge when we come to it. Berkertex knickers or not.

Thursday, 4 August 2005

captain's log, stardate 05-08-04

I generally feel that writing about your referral logs smacks of empty-headedness. But I AM empty-headed today, as I am focused on getting the Plumbers out, cleaning the house and packing for our hols at the weekend. And this this week I've had some brilliant search engine hits that have made me laugh:

  • recipe for pork scratchings
  • disembowelling
  • away for the weekend cat flap
  • european caterpillers
  • christian bale naked
  • stories about having tall boyfriends, and last, but not least
  • chemical castration stories

And I can't remember blogging about any of them*.

I am off to buy a bathroom carpet now and then I'm coming home to blow on the sealant round the bath in the hope that it'll dry quicker and we can use the bath tonight ...

*Except perhaps 'Christian Bale naked'. Maybe.

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

conversations with my mother, #39742

Text message:

"Have jst charged phone batt and got yr message from last week. When u go France? Yr father constipated."
Altogether too much information, however it's delivered.

Monday, 1 August 2005

pass the milk

Yay! We have a bath!

We almost have two baths - The Plumbers are in the main bathroom now, fitting what looks like a swimming pool. Which means that I will be able to put 'taking baths' back on my CV.

I think they are more than half way through the whole thing now and they have only hit a couple of minor, teensy, eency problems:

  • the plasterboarding that Vic did for us didn't have enough battening underneath it and was too bendy to plaster on. Result: B had to take down the ceiling in the small room and re-batten it yesterday. We thought we'd seen the last of the collapsing ceiling and the horrible, horrible black plaster; but no. It gets everywhere and even clogs up the filters of the Dyson.
  • they started taking the tiles off the wall in the big room on Friday, as they were too uneven to tile over. And the entire wall fell down - all of the tiles and all of the plaster, leaving the bare bricks. Which although they look lovely in the kitchen aren't quite what we were planning for the bathroom.
  • various grumbly, minor thing like the wrong shaped ballcock coming with the cistern. I think they're just telling us about these so that we appreciate how hard they're working.
We're pretty ecstatic with them - they're genuinely nice chaps and seem to be showing the Blitz Spirit in the face of all challenges, both minor and major.

I'm off to make them more tea now, since their productivity is directly proportional to their beverage intake.