Monday, 11 July 2005

self pitying wallow

We've been visiting the farm for the weekend - it has been so hot that I spent most of the time lying down with all the windows open and the curtains closed. I still don't feel quite right today.

The house seems to be full of people - Aunt Kate has come over whilst Vic is doing some more in the bathroom. Polish Lodger is at home, going through the papers looking for another job. Both B and R are in the office (although they don't really count, in the nicest way possible, B because, well, he's like a part of me, and R because he doesn't seem to mind if I am finding speaking to people difficult and need to be quiet).

It feels like a mad-house and I don't feel like I can go downstairs, because I will have to interact with Aunt Kate, Vic and Polish Lodger and I just can't cope with that today. Hence they are all downstairs having lunch and I am hiding in the office.

The bathroom guys delivered all the bathroom bits this morning and there is now a bath in the hall and two toilets (with seats, cisterns and mechanisms) in the lounge.

We have had to move the bicycles in to the dining room because the hall is full of plasterboard for the bathroom walls and ceilings.

B and R are trying to finish filling in a thirty-five page form for some work we want to tender for. But:

  • Vic keeps wanting B to run out in the car and pick up more stuff for the building work.
  • We need to phone The Plumbers and ask when they are coming.
  • We need to phone The Attic Converter and ask when he is coming.
  • We need to phone the Staircase Makers and ask about staircases.
  • I am in no way helping.

There is too much going on and my head is buzzing.

I am going to go and lie down now, under some nice, soothing wet newspaper and hope my incipient migraine goes away.

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