Thursday, 21 July 2005

polish gymnastics

The radio silence has been because we took a few days off. B had a training day in Birmingham and I went along for the ride. We stayed a couple of nights in a hotel, and generally enjoyed not having to spend our recreational time in a lounge full of bathroom fittings.

It was starting to get to me.


  • Nice hotels stayed in - 1
  • Nice Indian meals had - 1
  • Nice days spent chatting to nice people while B did his training - 1
  • Times used the phrase 'Polish cum stains' too loudly in quiet moment in the Ikea warehouse - 1


Polish Lodger's Girlfriend is arriving on Saturday and he asked if it would be possible for them to continue to stay with us, rather than look for a double room elsewhere.

The room he is in is tiny - you can basically get a single bed and a chest of draws in it and that's it. So initially we said that we didn't think it would be appropriate, as they are staying until mid-September and that's quite a long while for two people to spend in a space that small, even if they are young and in lurve.

However, he didn't have any success finding another room within his price range and then Kate and Vic offered us a four-foot wide futon that fits the space. So as he's quiet, he's tidy and he pays on time, we thought we'd give it a go.

My one reservation is that futon mattresses stain really easily - and it's a good futon that we have a use for as a sofa once they've gone. So I've gone on a crusade to get an Ikea mattress pad and a mattress protector to put over it.

I know I should have had the conversation with B about the necessity for this before we ended up in the shop, but I just downright forgot.

Hence the embarrassed silence as (it seemed like) everyone in the shop stopped and looked at me.

I have tried to sell it to Polish Lodger on the grounds that it will make the futon 'more comfortable' as I really don't want to have a discussion with him about Polish Gymnastics. So far though, he is adamant that the futon is 'very comfortable as it is, Ally, very comfortable indeed'.

Perhaps it's a man-to-man conversation that B should have with him ... .

Off for a reiki now. Yay!

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