Wednesday, 27 July 2005

plumber, redux redux

They have come back.

Really come back.

With tools and flexible piping and tiling adhesive and everything.

Plumber2 has tea with milk and no sugar - "Because I'm on a diet, hun" and Plumber1 has tea with milk and one sugar - "Because I'm so fat I don't care, love".

I don't think he's fat. I think he's lovely.

Plumber1 is the Actual Plumber. He does the things that involve pipes and swearing.

Plumber2 is Plumber's Mate. He does dot-and-dab, tiling, passing spanners and lifting things. He also seems to be Designated Phone Answerer and Customer Liasion Plumber.

B has gone away for a couple of days on a job in Harrogate. Harrogate is lovely at this time of year, traditional English (well, Yorkshire) Watering Place, Betty's Tea Rooms, functioning toilets, everything.

We have been managing the panics I've been having by deciding that every time I start to get stressed about something, I will just tell myself:

"I don't need to worry about that. B's dealing with it."
This has been working quite well. It's even working quite well today, in his absence. He did the Plumber Project Management Conversation yesterday morning when they arrived and they have basically been getting on with it, fuelled with a liberal application of tea to the specifications described above.

I'm going round to Nina's for lunch and a wee now, since the toilet is currently sitting in the front garden and I don't want to experiment to see if I suffer from performance anxiety.

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