Monday, 1 August 2005

pass the milk

Yay! We have a bath!

We almost have two baths - The Plumbers are in the main bathroom now, fitting what looks like a swimming pool. Which means that I will be able to put 'taking baths' back on my CV.

I think they are more than half way through the whole thing now and they have only hit a couple of minor, teensy, eency problems:

  • the plasterboarding that Vic did for us didn't have enough battening underneath it and was too bendy to plaster on. Result: B had to take down the ceiling in the small room and re-batten it yesterday. We thought we'd seen the last of the collapsing ceiling and the horrible, horrible black plaster; but no. It gets everywhere and even clogs up the filters of the Dyson.
  • they started taking the tiles off the wall in the big room on Friday, as they were too uneven to tile over. And the entire wall fell down - all of the tiles and all of the plaster, leaving the bare bricks. Which although they look lovely in the kitchen aren't quite what we were planning for the bathroom.
  • various grumbly, minor thing like the wrong shaped ballcock coming with the cistern. I think they're just telling us about these so that we appreciate how hard they're working.
We're pretty ecstatic with them - they're genuinely nice chaps and seem to be showing the Blitz Spirit in the face of all challenges, both minor and major.

I'm off to make them more tea now, since their productivity is directly proportional to their beverage intake.

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