Monday, 11 July 2005

parlez vous franglais?

I am feeling much better - everyone has gone away and I have cleaned the kitchen, which is the Ally-equivalent of pee-ing in the corner. My house is my own again. Also, before he went home, R helped B to move the new bath out of the hall and in to the bay window. This means a) it's no longer visible and b) we can actually open the door. Which is nice.

We have just had our second French lesson, from Dani's mum, Teresa. She has a house in France that she spends some of the year in, and is consequently a lot more fluent than either B or myself.

We are practicing for our trip in mid-August, which is almost all planned. Er. Almost. We've booked the ferry, anyway. And chosen the campsite. Tomorrow we're going to book it, honest. This is going to involve emailing in French, which involves some preparatory deep breathing.

I am off to drink some whisky and play Civilization III for a bit now. Yay!

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