Saturday, 30 July 2005

more on ethical consumption

This is an unashamedly tub-thumbing post with links to healthy, non-supermarket purchasing options. Both Loki and Cheryl have posted recently about supermarkets and the mass production of food. You can read their thoughtful and informative posts here and here, respectively. Both posts were in response to the Channel 4 'Dispatches' programme Supermarket Secrets and I am not going to duplicate what they have said, as between them and the comments people have left them, I think the subject is already nicely summed up.

Rather than ranting on any more in their comments sections, here is my contribution - a few links to information sources for ethical, non-processed eating and local and/or organic food. If you only look at one, look at The Big Barn, which has loads of links and information - even seasonal recipes. I also use my copy of The Good Shopping Guide more and more, for everything from financial stuff, through to fridge and pet-food buying.

Find local and organic producers:

  • The Big Barn - a hub of information for local, fresh produce and producers.
  • Soil Association - organic information, including producers and 'box schemes'.

Green cleaning and household products:
  • The Green Shop - All things kind to the environment. And they do mail order!
  • Low Impact Living - Information sheets in .pdf format from everything from household cleaning to bee keeping :).

Food additive information online:


Also, have a look at The Guardian's Ethical Living Experiment with Leo Hickman - a series of articles where Hickman has different aspects of his life 'ethically audited'. Makes interesting reading and has some good links.

Okay, that's it. Tub-thumping over for another few weeks :).

However, if you have any useful links or books that you think could be added to this list, please either email them to me or add them in the comments section - I am going to put a link to this page on my front page and try to keep it updated.

  • Ethical fish consumption (added 8 Dec 05)
  • Freecycle - Community recycling network (added 29 Jan 06)
  • Ecoballs - Laundry without detergent? (added 24 Feb 06)
  • Battery Chicken video (Large windows media player file, with potentially distressing content) (added 8 March 06 courtesy of Bart)
  • The Mooncup - Doris reviews an alternative to tampons and sanitary towels (her post, 4 Dec 05, linked here 20 Mar o6)
  • Composting project: Post 1 - Post 2 (added 22 Apr 06)

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