Wednesday, 6 July 2005


Everything everyone does is wrong today.

  • I have had a nice nap with a hot water bottle.
  • I have had two bars of chocolate and about three pints of tea.
  • I have had a good cry.
  • I have got het up at the perfectly reasonable request of one of our clients to re-issue an invoice I buggered up earlier in the week.
  • I have asked the people I sent the invoice out to earlier in the week who aren't actually our customers to send it back to us, and managed not to cry when both B and R laughed at me.

Now I am going to test the theory that evolved on Bumptious a couple of weeks ago. I hate milk. I'm going to go and have a hot bath and two bottles of wine.

It probably won't make my cramps go away, but if I drink quickly enough, I won't notice them any more.

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