Monday, 6 June 2005

weapons of mass destruction

Camping then. It was lovely weather, beautiful countryside, relaxed company.

We went on a steam train, went walking on the Quantock Hills (only slightly hampered by three people under five who wanted to paddle)and we went to Dunster Castle. And we made a point of finding somewhere to have a cream tea every single day.

We also spent quite a lot of time chilling out at our campsite in Ma's field:

This also involved building the kids 'targets' for weapons practice, as they had been given a toy sword and a toy bow and arrow from the fantastic toyshop in Dunster.

R's safety chat with R-Minor:

R: So, before you play with your bow and arrow, what do you need to remember about shooting it?
R-Minor: [trying very hard to remember] Don't shoot it at anyone's face?
R: [stifiling laugh] Ah, I've taught you well son, a body-shot is much more likely to be accurate than a shot to the head. But that wasn't what I meant ...
R-Minor: [remembers, triumphant] I mustn't shoot it at anyone at all!
R and R-Minor, together: Or the tents, or the dogs or the sheep, or ANYTHING!
So we stuffed some some sacks with straw and tied them on to posts in the field and got them fighting those.

We also designated a 'noisy corner' of the field, which incidentally, was where the dragons and the evil purple goblins that threw toast and jelly lived. Knights were needed desperately over there.

It worked well.

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